BeatBoXX - The Ultimate Martial Arts Training System

3 Amazing Workouts for the Price of 2 

BeatBoXX - Kickboxing MMA and Muay Thai Training Program

This is the ultimate workout for developing skills in Boxing, Kickboxing, MMA and Muay Thai: consisting of 34 workout tracks on each CD, plus training manual, and online video training. Each workout is carefully crafted to build your martial arts skills and strategies to the highest possible level using the BeatBoXX training system.

Each workout consists of 34 tracks starting with full warm up, footwork drills, Boxing, Kickboxing and followed by a full cool down that will build amazing flexibility. 

Whilst this program works best for those who have some basic skills in modern martial arts its also amazing for developing your skills even if you have never trained before. By simply following the instructions on the accompanying workout CD's, DVD's and training manual you will soon develop the solid skills of the master martial artist. 

 There are 3 beat types in BeatBoXX, Regulators, Modulators and Accelerators.

Regulator beats remain at the same speed throughout the track and are ideal for learning how to use the BeatBoXX Training System. Modulator beat speeds fluctuate up and down in speed and are excellent for testing the quality of your speed, balance & timing before you move onto the Accelerators. Accelerator beats, as the name suggests, just get faster and faster, they will sorely test your fitness and technique!

BeatBoXX Kickbox Workout V6:

Each workout consists of 12 two minute tracks starting with 3 & 4 combo Boxing and Kickboxing drills which become progressively more difficult as the workout proceeds. Using regular and irregular beats rhythms you’ll practice a range of hand & foot combinations that can be performed alone; in thin air or using a punchbag or with a partner using focus mits or defence & attack. Each workout consists of:

  • 7 Warm Up Tracks - to build cardio and reduce potential injuries
  • 3 Combo Boxing Tracks - builds solid timing & footwork
  • 3 Combo Kickboxing Tracks - builds & tests balance 
  • 4 Combo Kickboxing Tracks - testing combos for all round skills
  • 4 Combo Defence & Attack Tracks - blocks, avoids and evasions
  • Passive Cool Down Track - 10 second beat sets for relaxing yoga style stretch
  • Isometric Cool Down  - 7 second beat sets, ideal for isometric contractions to build strength in high kicks and low splits
  • BeatBoXX Training Manual ebook - 30 page 'How to Guide'
  • Full Warm Up Ebook - detailed warm up with tons of photos
  • Full Cool Down Ebook - thorough cool down instructions
  • Online Video Tutorials - up to the minute & training tips available online
  • Workout Track List - full list of workouts tracks
Each of the Boxing/Kickboxing track is separated by a one minute Recovery round. During these rounds you can either rest or exercise depending on your fitness level. Once you can complete the whole workout without resting you will be ready for the next level of workout. 

Regulator Workout
Regulators are the the best way to get into the BeatBoXX Training System and even though they level beat workouts they are still a hell of a challenge! The main session beat rate is set at 160 beats per minute; that’s 3 beats per second so you’ll find it pretty taxing on your skill, balance and timing. The Regulator Workout has a thorough warm up of aerobic, rotations, stretches and footwork drills to prepare you fully for the session ahead - The Modulator

Modulator Workout

When you’ve built up your fitness and skill level through the Regulator workout you’ll be ready for Modulator. Modulator sessions increase the speed of the beats rapidly over the first minute of the round from 160 beats per minute up to a massive 260 beats, dropping back to 160 ready for the next series of accelerating beats. Once again, when you can complete the entire Modulator workout and exercise full out through each recovery round you’ll be ready for the next level in your training - Accelerator 

Accelerator Workout

Accelerators are the most challenging of the BeatBoXX workouts; they just get faster and faster! The Accelerators start at 160 beats per minute and built steadily through out the rounds up to 260 beats per minute and that is fast! If you can match the highest speeds and still be performing quality technique its fair to say that you have a high level of martial arts mastery.  Like all the BeatBoXX workouts they are professionally structured with full warm up and cool downs and carefully crafted tracks to test your skills and fitness to the utmost.  As with the Modulators the Accelerator workouts should only be attempted when you have built your skill and fitness level to the point where you can complete a full Modulator session working full out through both the beat tracks and the recovery rounds. By this time the gains you have made in your skill and technique will be truly MASSIVE! 

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